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5 CBD industry trends for 2020 you should know about today

LOS ANGELES - USA - With a rapidly expanding CBD industry, there are key factors to learn about this burgeoning business.

The CBD industry is growing rapidly in 2019 and with the upcoming new year, CBD is expected to interact with a variety of products, as research continues.

CBD or cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant and it possesses various properties that the human body can benefit from. The ongoing research regarding CBD and its health benefits is extremely promising.

With that said, as of today, the use of CBD has spread through the health, wellness, beauty, beverage and food industries. The substance is being used in various dosages depending on the specific purpose.

Although research recognized the plus points of this substance a while ago, regulations were coming in the way of CBD being a commonly used product, legally. In the last decade, adequate research on the topic led many governments, including the US government, to legalize the use of the substance with some specific restrictions. For example, some CBD products are infused with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, and legally in the United States, these products cannot have more than 0.3% THC.

The market-size of the CBD industry is growing fast with the current demand. To get a full scope of CBD and its popular uses, below is a list of five CBD industry trends for the year 2020 that you should know about today.

CBD infused Coffee

There’s CBD in everything these days, but CBD infused coffee is on the top of the chain. According to CBD Kyro, you have to figure out your ideal dosage by starting small and then increase your dosage when it comes to infusing CBD in coffee.

It is safe to say that coffee is a part of the daily routine for most humans. Whether it is your morning coffee, or you need a mid-day break, coffee is an essential part of any worker’s life.

Restaurants and Cafés have started selling CBD infused coffee in most major cities after understanding the demand and realizing that people are raving about its benefits.

So what are the benefits of adding CBD to coffee? The truth is CBD makes caffeine consumption even better. Caffeine is strong and it does have some negative effects. Caffeinated beverages can cause nervousness or stomach aches.

CBD has a smoothing effect when it interacts with your coffee and makes sure the purpose is served by making you feel the right amount of awake.

According to Healthcare Weekly Mag, the trend has begun for health-focused restaurants, cafés, and spas to offer CBD infused coffee at a small added cost.

CBD and Treating Patients with Mental Health Disorders

CBD has definitely entered the picture in terms of helping patients deal with symptoms of various health conditions. Among these, a lot of research has been conducted to test CBD with people that have mental health disorders.

According to Daily CBD Mag, the industry is making huge strides dealing with conditions we never thought could be improved, like autism. CBD also helps patients with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which is also a neurological mental health disorder like autism.

Regarding autism, CBD helps by reducing neurobiological inflammation and acts as a relaxant. Similarly, in the case of ADHD, CBD helps reduce the impact of symptoms like stress and anxiety.

The impact of CBD in this field is monumental as these mental disorders are permanent. They can only be treated and not cured, so having a natural substance that reduces the pain and suffering is extremely crucial.

CBD in the Skincare and Beauty Industry

CBD has already started making its mark in the skincare industry. The market size of CBD in skincare is growing at a rapid pace and it is expected to cross $1 Billion in the next five years.

As discussed earlier, CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Skincare and beauty product lines, after a lot of testing, have started infusing CBD into certain products structurally. The addition of the substance is starting to help treat skin-related problems like acne, dry skin, eczema and so on.

Especially products like gels, face masks, and moisturizing creams are expanding their sales by introducing CBD into their products.

Some other beauty products that are currently trending in the market include face oils and mascaras from various brands that are banking on CBD’s anti-drying properties and long-lasting effects.

CBD for Pets

Dogs and cats are the most common kind of pet animals a home hosts. In recent years, a lot of studies have been conducted in regard to how CBD helps pets with their common problems and illnesses.

Pets get often injured, some of them develop health issues like arthritis, and especially in the case of dogs, they develop seasonal allergies and suffer from pain in the bones as they age. CBD can treat almost any kind of pain, and it also acts as a relaxant for no matter what a pet is suffering from.

Pet owners are also using CBD to help them with anxiety during thunderstorms or noise-related events that disturb them. CBD pet care products can be found in the form of edibles, oils and it can also be added to their regular food.

If you do have a pet, make sure you consult a veterinarian before introducing CBD as knowing the correct dosage is extremely important. It is also essential to do your research to figure out the right way to introduce CBD to your pets.

Overall, the CBD pet care market is definitely trending and the market size is expected to double in the year 2020.

CBD and Retailers

With the high demand for CBD in multiple industries, the movement to bring CBD to shelves has already begun. CBD in itself is a trend and as mentioned earlier, there is a CBD infused product for every industry.

CBD product companies have started creating partnerships with big retail brands as legalities keep getting clearer by the day. The market is going to become more diverse.

CBD is such a hot trend and whether it is fashion brands like Urban Outfitters or wellness brands like CVS and Wallgreens, they are all now selling CBD products. In 2020, we can expect that more national retailers will start incorporating the sale of CBD products on their shelves.

This movement is going to increase sales for the CBD industry in 2020 and combined with the increase in online sales, the CBD market is expected to grow to new levels. Although there may be some risk in this for retail brands, they are stepping in early as they are confident that more research will yield positive results.

To sum it up, the CBD industry is booming and it will continue to show its dominance in 2020. Before taking CBD for any purpose, do look at your state or country’s laws, and consult a professional doctor.

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