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Rainforest Spotted Near Birmingham

COVENTRY - England - Some people are moaning about the constant rain, but naturalists and botanists are flocking to a spot 30 miles from Birmingham where a rainforest has formed from the surrounding countryside.

“The constant rain has created a lush canopy above our heads. I can see Siamangs up there, a few Toucans, and look over there a poison arrow frog,” Dr Donald Beadle, has told National Geographic magazine.

The rainforest is teaming with wildlife and explorers are now flocking to the area to discover new species.

“We had to send out a search party yesterday after a team from Gosport were lost for three days. They could have been eaten by crocodiles or piranha in the river that goes through the rainforest. We still haven’t given it a name,” Dr. Livingstone, another explorer told the BBC.

Naturalist, Sir David Attenborough was also extremely excited by the new development.

“I don’t have to travel to Brazil anymore, the new rainforest is just off the M1 motorway near junction 42. It’s absolutely astounding. I can’t wait to start filming,” Attenborough said.

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