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SYRIA: Americans Showered With Gifts From Grateful Kurds

QAMISHLI - Syria - American soldiers returning home for some well earned R&R were showered with gifts from grateful Kurds.


Retreating American convoys have been showered with Kurdish gifts as a massive thank you for giving them arms and air cover during the fighting season in Syria.

Specialist, Dean Connor, from Louisiana had a tear in his eye as his Humvee was showered with rotten tomatoes, potatoes and other assorted garbage.

“Boy, it’s so nice to see the good side of the Kurdish people who we armed and gave air cover to during the fighting. We protected and supported their cities, and paid them shit loads of money. Wow! Thanks guys for the great send off, because we’re going home now because the fighting is over. What a great bunch of people.”

The Kurds were showing their gratitude, because without the might of the USA military, they would have been defeated years ago during the war in Syria, which has since subsided.

One grateful Kurdish YPG terrorist Marxist militia member had this to say about the Americans: “Fuck USA! Capitalist swine. I spit on you!”

The Kurdish YPG routinely terrorises Assyrian Christian minority groups in Syria, killing them indiscriminately and turfing them out of their homelands, as well as conducting terror operations in mainland Turkey killing innocent civilians.

Not all Americans are going back for some well-earned R&R and family time back home, some are staying back to guard the oil fields.

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