In a dangerous escalation of inflammatory rhetoric, The Teflon Don, President Donald J. Trump is now talking about civil war if the Dems successfully impeach him.

Mix in a soup of evangelicals, Antifa militants, patriot militias, crazed socialists, Marxists and you get a cauldron of blood soaked hell.

Remember what Thomas Jefferson said once: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

How Would a Second American Civil War Start?

It would invariably begin in earnest after a divisive action by the Democrats against the President of the United States, Donald Trump. This action would either involve an assassination or attempted assassination by a socialist Marxist group linked to the Democrat party, which has moved to the far-left of the political spectrum in the last few years. The attempted or successful removal of the president by Democrat socialists through impeachment proceedings would also invigorate Trump’s followers to act. Elements within governmental institutions actively working against the president could also trigger civil war.

Most probably, there would initially be guerilla-type attacks, coordinated by the many patriot militias. Taking down electricity grids, water stations, communications and bridges. Democrats who detest arms, would be defenceless against such actions, especially if the police stand down. The armed forces would most probably be commandeered by Trump’s generals who would purge the system of socialists and those working for the Democrat party within government. Evangelical Christian factions would join the civil war, cleaning out areas of what they consider as undesirables: Democrats, illegal migrants, gays, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews and anyone else they do not consider valid.


Many would try to flee to either Canada, or south across the border into Mexico, but they would be cut off before they crossed. The camps would thus be filled with Democrats who would be spared death for now, but for how long? Starvation, disease, would eventually cause much death amongst the imprisoned. All air traffic would be halted overnight, and all cell phone communications would be halted. Utility grids would all be compromised, and roads blockaded and bridges destroyed.

The Stock Market would be reduced to a burning ember overnight, as the cities burn day and night, purged of the Untermensch, to make America Great Again.

With mass proliferation of heavy weapons amongst America’s gun-loving population, there would be no shortage of ammunition and military muscle amongst Republican citizens. Election lists would be used for each sector to be cleaned out, and the Democrats, unarmed, unable to defend themselves, would be rounded up by the thousands. Due to food shortages, there would have to be mass executions, because keeping the Democrats in camps would not be sustainable.

Eventually, after approximately five or six years, the Civil War would end, with a replenished America, a lighter America. The country would be led only by a singular party, and all borders would be secured with vast walls keeping the South Americans out permanently. It would be a nation brought back to its roots of Christian, European superiority, with little or no blacks, Hispanics, or other minorities.

This would be an America reborn for the Trump era of dominance that would eventually move towards exerting its force globally once again after many years of Civil War.

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