Fiddling Expenses: Warsi Problem With That?

LONDON - England - Another MP caught fiddling the expenses and their head firmly in the trough, this time an ethnic minority token who's got herself into trouble. Are there any surprises at the latest expense scandal to hit parliament?

Is there any surprise at the latest round of MP scandals to soil the airwaves?

“How did Warsi become a Baroness anyway? Who did she pay to get that title? She should be stripped of her title and her place as an MP and discarded. She was obviously installed as a quotiant statistic, and she must not be given special treatment when being ousted either. Give ’em an inch and they take a mile,” an angry ex-Tory voter said today.

Naturally, Baroness Warsi, will get a golden handshake and a huge taxpayer funded pension before being told to get lost.

“Warsi will be made an example of, while Hunt gets away with murder, she will be used by Cameron as raw meat for the baying wolves and foxes waiting in parliament as well as the media for their next meal. They need their pound of flesh, and she is looking just plump enough to sate their appetite. Bye, bye, Warsi, you will not be missed,” a parliamentary insider revealed.

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