Une Ode à Emmanuel Macron – Gilets Jaunes – Acte XVIII

PARIS - France - The Champs Elysee was party to some Gilets Jaunes violence once again, this time targeting celebrity restaurants and expensive shops.

Le Fouquet restaurant, a celebrated haunt of the rich and famous, including premier Macron himself, as well as former socialist president, François Mitterrand, and Nicolas Sarkozy was trashed this weekend, and had its exterior burned to the ground by angry Gilets Jaunes protesters wearing their yellow vests.

It seems Macron’s ‘Great National Debate’ which officially closed yesterday, has not closed yet, unofficially. The problems that the people are dealing with are still there, and until something is done, there will not be reprieve to the violence and protest.

Macron’s ski trip to the Pyrenees was cut short.

C’est fou quets – fucked.