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Hague to Hold Fiscal Euro Meeting in Brussels Hotel Room

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Foreign Secretary, William Hague, is eager to spend next weekend thrashing out a solution to the EU with some young Euro politicians in a hotel room.

“I need to talk to them about how to solve this terrible euro problem we all seem to be having. I’m sure if we push the beds together in the tiny hotel room, then maybe we can whack out a solution to the never ending fiscal union problem the euro is having. I’ll order the champagne on room service, the euro boys just need to bring their thongs,” Mr Hague said from the first class section of the Eurostar train to Brussels yesterday.

The young European advisers will convene in a small secluded hotel in the centre of Brussels where Mr Hague will pay for the single room himself.

“We are in austere times, and of course this applies to high flying millionaire ministers as much as interns. I really need some advice on how to solve this euro problem, this is why some inexperienced young eurotwinks should do the job. I just can’t wait to have my stool pushed in as well as the two single beds,” Mr Hague added with excitement in his voice.

The Brussels meeting should be good news for the British economy which is in dire straits as unelected technocrats threaten to destroy the British economy with unnecessary red-tape and sanctions for the recent British veto.

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