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Tea Party Member Sues Tea Party After Hot Tea Spill Drama

BOSTON - USA - A prominent member of the Republican tea party was today suing the tea party after a scalding cup of tea was spilled onto his lap during a meeting, his lawyer disclosed.

“My client is suing the tea party because the tea was too hot and when it spilled on his lap he got burnt real bad, especially on his genitals,” Ronald Eavesdrip, the attorney to the man who is suing the tea party said on Tuesday.

The tea party that went wrong is now splashed all over the U.S. media and the democrats are loving the tumult the tea spillage episode has created.

Al Pinto, a political commentator following the tea party movement said: “The multi-million dollar lawsuit filed on Monday is not a good sign for the tea party movement after the events a few months ago with Sarah Palin inciting violence and some kid in Arizona shooting a few folk up. This latest tea scalding affair is sure to muddy the waters of the Boston harbour even further.”

Tea party organisers have warned all their members that vigilance should be exercised when pouring their tea or to adopt cooler refreshments during the heated tea party sessions.

“We’re now informing our members not to drink tea at our tea parties. Maybe drink kool-aid, preferably without it being spiked with cyanide, or maybe iced tea, you know something in those lines. We’re now only accepting cold refreshing drinks at our events,” Jim Jones, a tea party organiser from Kentucky said.

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