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Timid Brits Hypnotized as Middle East Revolutions Roll On

LONDON - England - As the price of everyday goods in the UK soar to ridiculous levels there is not even a squeak or murmur from the pliant British people. Why is that?

“It’s because the British people have been conditioned very well to accept every indignity and horror without question. The form of mass hypnotism employed on the UK population ensures that they will never voice their displeasure at being fisted by Rip-Off-Britain prices foisted on them daily, or the Draconian laws prescribed upon their limited freedoms. You can tax a British person until they have to fork over 80% of their salary to the state, and they will nonchalantly recline and switch on the telly to watch Deal or No Deal. You can let in half of the population of Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa to take away much of the already limited resources, and only a few people voice their displeasure. Of course, this is a well trained form of apathy which we have implanted into their psyche. The mass brainwashing is complete, as the evidence of no uprisings in hundreds of years since 1642 has suggested,” Albert Rupert Speer, a government spin doctor working for David Cameron’s office told the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

While many countries in the Middle East are in political and social turmoil and the people are fighting back against the oppressive machinery of slavery, here in Britain, no one is even batting an eyelid let alone striking up a protest at the various indignities meted out on the people on a daily basis.

“In the UK now we’re paying £6 ($9) per gallon of petrol. The cost of a small loaf of bread in some supermarkets is now £4.50. Go to any supermarket in the UK and you will soon realise the enormity of this situation as the prices will baffle you. And yet, no one gets angry. Not even a whimper, or a word of defiance. Are us Brits that yellow and cowardly that we let ourselves get fucked by the system every day and not say even one word or do anything about it? I guess we are,” Norman Titbit, a political commentator from Westminster said on Friday.

There seems to be some form of Pavlovian sado-masochistic battered wife syndrome embedded within the British psyche wherein they can be goaded on endlessly, tormented, robbed, swindled, and cheated without reproach.

Perhaps there is a link with the current malaise infecting the population and Britain’s Feudal past. Ingrained over centuries of subjugation is the happiness of serfdom, a quality that is obviously treasured by the robber Barons and controllers who laugh as they count the spoils of their conquest.

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  1. its like wot Monty Python said in Meaning of life.."You Englishmen don't have any balls!!!"


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