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Hillary Clinton to Star in "Spies Like Us" Remake

LOS ANGELES - USA - Forget about Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd, the remake for the hit U.S. movie, "Spies Like Us" will feature Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Director Dimitri Belushoid’s new film is a tribute to Hollywood’s great spy movies including ‘Spies Like Us’ and ‘From Russia With Love’.

“Hillary is the new spy master. She makes James Bond villain Rosa Klebb look like a goddamn girl scout. She’s got all these gadgets in her briefcase when she’s out on diplomatic duties; listening devices, torture devices and even a laminated gold vibrating gun that shoots out wads of gooey acid at America’s enemies,”Ed Herlihy, chief operations director for the CIA told Fox news.

The opening scene for the movie unfolds as Hillary walks down the steps to a United Nations conference in Uganda. By the end of the scene, all the assembled UN personnel are bugged and some have even been permanently silenced in the name of US hegemony.

The four hour film chronicles the trials and tribulations of a US spy in international circles.

“The famous scene in the Bond movie ‘From Russia With Love’ where the Russian SPECTRE Agent Rosa Klebb releases a poisonous spike from her shoe, is re-shot in spectacular fashion with Clinton as she forces a Ugandan United Nations delegate to accept more American mining companies into the country. After the diplomat refuses, he is viciously spiked to death. All in all, this was a wonderful film and I especially loved the fact that every three or four minutes throughout the whole film, the director put in the American national anthem. I think for that reason alone, you’ve got to go and see it. The soundtrack is amazing,” Cletus Ingles, film critic for the New York Times revealed in his weekly column.

“Spies Like Us” will be released next month and will coincide with Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing apology to the rest of the world’s United Nations delegates at the upcoming UN conference in Geneva.

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  1. Tell us something we don’t know. It’s not as if the whole world doesn’t already think of the USA as a pariah and leech.

    Americans are wasteful, ineffectual and stupid.

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