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UK Strikers to Go on Strike About Striking

LONDON - England - The Spring of Discontent is upon us again and the British workforce is striking for strikes.

It’s an age old Labour tradition. After trashing the economy, there are usually mass strikes across the whole country culminating in social unrest and anarchy.

“We’re not just good at queuing in this miserable country. We’re also good at striking, although not as good as the Frenchies. It’s a bit like the Seventies at the moment; you know when we had the last disastrous Labour government in office. This time though, people are striking for strikes within strikes,” Willie Wonka Walsh, the CEO of Britain’s flagship airline, British Strikeways, told Sky news.

“Strike fear into the heart of strikes”

Union leaders were adamant today that national strikes on strikes will go ahead even if strike action is prolonged for another three years of Labour-led strikes: “This strike is simply about striking and strike dates for strikes within strikes. Over 547% of our members who voted for strike action about strike action within strike proceedings have voted for strikes. This is a strike about strikes. Let me be clear here, we’re striking because of strike action and our strikes will be effective within the strike period,” RMT union leader, Bob Vulture told the Labour state broadcasting mouthpiece, the BBC yesterday.

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