Huge Increase in Ticket Sales to See Killer Whales at Seaworld

FLORIDA - USA - The owners of Seaworld have noticed a massive jump in ticket sales to see the Killer Whales perform, a spokesman for Seaworld said on Saturday.

“We have noticed a massive spike in ticket sales for the Killer Whale attraction, so we decided to investigate further,” Jim Alimenteris, Seaworld’s Director of Sales told Florida Weekly.

According to Mr Alimenteris, what he found was quite shocking.

“We discovered that the tickets were being bought by men for their mother-in-laws to attend Killer Whale shows. Some even paid large sums of money to get their mother-in-laws on the front row, right next to the Killer Whale pool,” Mr Alimenteris said.

Looks like it is a win win situation for both parties, Seaworld welcomes the increase in sales, and the men could possibly be rid of their mother-in-laws forever.

Mr Alimenteris even disclosed information on a celebrity ticket sale: “We had a British footballer buy his mother-in-law exclusive tickets to pet the Killer Whales, his name is Ashley Cole? Never heard of him, but he was very adamant on the phone that his mother-in-law should attend the after show Killer Whale petting session.”