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Toyota Sat Navs Pray For Passengers

LONDON - England - The Toyota car company has showcased their latest satellite navigation box featuring a voice that prays for it's passengers whilst they're hurtling to certain death at high speed.

The new Toyota sat nav system is the only one in the world which says a final prayer for its passengers before they crash, the Top Gear TV show has revealed.

One of the presenters for the popular motoring program, Richard Hammond, recently tried out the Toyota sat nav system and gave it a resounding nod.

Speaking from his hospital bed he said: “This is my third near fatal crash filming the Top Gear program, and I have to say this new Toyota sat nav system really did ease the terror of hurtling towards a concrete bollard at 140 mph in my Yaris. It calmly gave me the last rites in a very calm voice just before the crash which paralysed me from the neck down. I definitely would buy this if I could ever drive a car again.”

The prayer said by the sat nav system installed in all Toyota cars is delivered by a practising vicar, although depending on religious proclivities, the prayer can be adjusted to Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and even Church of England faiths.

A spokesman for Toyota said: “Our customers like the peace of mind they have when they get into one of our cars. The moment you step on the accelerator pedal you know that you’re in God’s hands. This is when the sat nav prayer starts reciting the last words you will ever hear. Who needs Dignitas when you have a Toyota.”

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