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Apple Stock Jumps After Sudden iFrisbee Release

CUPERTINO - USA - Forget about the iPid or iPad, the iFrisbee has taken the world by storm and as a result, stocks in Apple jumped 36% on Friday's trading.

“The iFrisbee has trounced anything that apple has ever released,” an excited tech reviewer gushed on the Wired Tech News site yesterday.

The new device is very similar to a conventional frisbee but with added Apple connectivity and controls.

Steve Jobs made the surprise iFrisbee release on Friday after the iPad went down like a lead balloon when released last month.

“The iFrisbee lets you surf the web, phone a friend, organise your life, play a silly flash game all while throwing it in the air. It’s aerodynamic, it comes in bright colours, it even makes a fun noise when it flies through the air. Say someone needs to surf the net pronto, well just throw ’em an iFrisbee and they can get on with it,” Mr Jobs said before throwing the device into the audience.

The device was met with whoops of joy from the assembled crowd of geeks in the auditorium and the man who caught the iFrisbee then threw it back to Mr Jobs who made a perfect catch.

The Apple iFrisbee can also be used for practical solutions, for example if someone is stranded on a cliff or a tree, an iFrisbee can be thrown up to the person and they can then alert the emergency services, or surf the internet whilst waiting for rescue.

The iFrisbee will retail at a very affordable $560 for the 30 GB version and $900 for the 120 GB. The iFrisbee will be available for release in the summer, just the right time for some surfing and throwing in the sun.

Apple stock jumped 36% on Friday after the iFrisbee announcement was made keeping shareholders smiling all the way to the park.

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  1. The iFrisbee is going to be one of those things that redefines how we do things I know it. I want to order about 10 of them, as usual apple’s really cagey about when they are released.

  2. I like this and can’t wait to buy one but i’m wondering what happens if it gets wet? I’m sure they will be making accessories for that, waterproofing it. I would hate to lose it if it fell in a pond or river,

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