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Trump Reveals American Muslim Solution

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President elect, Donald Trump has today made his plans for Muslims in America known to reporters.

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Donald Trump visited the White House today to meet with outgoing president Barack Hussein Obama on plans for the transference of power. To say the meeting was edgy and cold would be an understatement.

Trump’s landslide victory at the recent U.S. elections caught many off guard, and liberals are all still in deep shock that their delegate Hillary Clinton was not elected.

After the meeting at the White House, when asked about Muslims, Trump was at first hesitant about revealing his plans, but then answered emphatically that Muslims are a danger to the national security of the nation.

No Sharia

“I have already spoken in depth about Muslims. Our solution will be humane and just. Their religion is abhorrent and cannot be trusted. We cannot trust Muslims in our cities, our streets, our jobs. Look what happened in the San Bernardino shooting or the Orlando massacre? These atrocities were all committed by Muslims on U.S. citizens going about their daily lives. We can’t have this savagery amongst us. That’s why I’m calling for every Muslim to be registered in a database. We need to find out who the devout ones are, who the others are. We need to know if they own guns, and we need to stop their permits. We need to know and watch every Muslim in this country, and when the time comes I will make the final decision. We need to detain them until all the attacks stop. Detain or deport. We’ll give them a choice. Let’s not forget their mosques either, shut them down, we can and will do that. They have no place in America, a Christian God loving country.”


Another reporter asked about Muslims who wish to visit the United States.

“It’s common sense. We have no choice. There is already a no-fly list in place for known terrorists and criminals. Our policy in the name of Homeland Security will be that all Muslims are potential terrorists. Until the war of terror is over, this will be our policy. They can go and visit some other country, but Muslims will not be welcome in America while I am president.”

As reporters rushed to ask further questions, Trump halted them and moved on with his entourage.

There are fears for many Muslims in America today, as attacks on their person have risen by 25% already since Trump’s election victory. Many are now making plans to leave of their own volition.

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  1. I voted for Trump to get rid of Muslims and I am not gonna rest till the job is done. He better not go back on his word.

  2. Truck em out. I have no problem with Donald and his plan. Had enough of these Muslims telling us what to do and how we should respect them. Here in NYC you can’t walk without bumping into one. They could be carrying knives guns machetes. If its your family that is killed by one of them what you gonna do? Trump is right. I voted for him and so did my whole neighborhood. I was in 911 I was here I saw what they did and will never, never, never forget that. This reason he got my vote. I want to see them in their cloth heads in trucks. I dont want mosques here. To me it is an invasion. Theyre invading us and Trump is gonna drain the swamp of these people who wish harm on America and Americans. God Bless Donald J. Trump USA needs you so bad.

  3. why not? once you become more informed about the situation it sounds much more reasonable to block them from entry. 25% of the muslims polled IN the US agreed that violence against America as part of some jihad is acceptable? (says in the video) how many muslim refugees in Europe rape women, attack their “infidel” hosts, and threaten other muslims who no longer act like a muslim? how many muslim refugees tell their hosts they are going to take over their country and turn it Islamic? and finally, any security agency, American, European, national or local or otherwise, knows that 1 out of 1000 refugees is going to be a radical who has it in his head to plot some violent attack against the host country. and you want to invite 50,000? 100,000? here comes 50 to 100 of those. less than 20 brought down 4 airliners, smashed the Twin Towers, killed 3000 people, injured 6000 more, caused 10 billion dollars worth of damage, and were a few yards short of completely destroying 1/2 of the Pentagon building as well.

    it might sound untoward at first, but not after consideration. it turns out to be a prudent and wise thing to do.

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