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Chinese Man Eaten by Dog

SHANGHAI - China - The tables were turned yesterday when a dog which was about to be cooked, ate Fou Fuk Dong, a 24-year-old chef during a Chinese food festival.

The man was participating in the food festival in the Yangpu district of Shanghai when the dog jumped on him and mauled him to death before dragging him into an alleyway.

“He loved dog stew and he especially loved French poodles, they’re such a delicacy. He was demonstrating how to prepare the dishes when one of the ingredients for the dish started growling at him and jumped on him. No one could do anything it all happened so quickly. I guess it was Chop Suey time,” Jintau Jin Han, the man’s brother, told the Xinhuanet news service.

After the dog ate the man, it was captured and cooked, then later consumed by the man’s relatives and some revellers attending the Chinese food festival.

In China, cats and dogs are regularly eaten as a staple food, and are considered a crucial part of Chinese cuisine.

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  1. I am very pleased to know that the dog ate that imbecile. Unfortunately he was also eaten, but with him he took some trash out of China and to the family of the imbecile, i hope you enjoyed the dog and your relative too!

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