BNP Wants Foreign Factory Robots Out

DAGENHAM - England - British National Party leader, Nick Griffin has today called for the deportation of all foreign robots working in UK factories.

“These robots come to our country, take all the work from English factory robots and think they own the place? Well, I’ve got news for you’se lot. They smell as well, yeah we want those stinking robots out of here,” Mr Griffin told a conference room in a Dagenham hub cap factory on Tuesday.

English industry utilises foreign made robots in their factories from many countries including: Japan, Germany and Korea and the BNP are determined to have them removed permanently.

“Just ship ’em back to where they f*cking came from innit? We’ve got yellow machines, black machines, red one’s too, doing work that English machines should be doing. We won’t stand for it anymore!” one of Nick Griffin’s deputies, Lee Skinhead, told the Daily Mail.

The BNP plans on lobbying the European Union this week to put an end to foreign robots invading Britain and are already trying to build some English factory robots from bits of scrap metal and empty beer cans.

“If we build our own factory robots making such things as hub caps and widgets, we would not be invaded by foreign robots in our factories,” Mr Griffin added.