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Brown Holds Emergency Summit Meeting from Within Summit Meeting

SWINDON - England - The unelected prime minister, Gordon Brown has called for another urgent world summit meeting on terrorism which will be held inside the latest summit meeting on global warming.

“We need to hold another of my world saving summit meetings this time from within another summit meeting,” Mr Brown told Britain’s state broadcasting station, the BBC.

The summit meeting within a summit meeting will be held at the Little Chef motel on the outskirts of Swindon tomorrow where a number of world leaders will descend.

Mr Brown had a pre-summit meeting yesterday to discuss how the summit meeting would go and which world leaders should be invited to the summit meeting within the summit meeting.

“This time Gordon Brown is really going to save the world. It’s going to be the summit meeting of summit meetings. This is the thirtieth time old Gordo’s saved the world this week, he’s a fuckin’ barnstormer he is,” Geoff Randall, a senior Whitehall executive in charge of summit meetings told the Mirror.

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