G7 G4 G20 and G54 to Meet in One Room

NEW YORK - USA - Plans are being hatched to host a massive G meeting of countries that could possibly challenge the ascendancy of G nations worldwide all in one conference room.

“It’s like this, we’ve got some majorly rich G7 countries who are going to mingle with some slightly rich G20 countries and they in turn are going to mingle with the G54 lot. It’s going to be the party of the century and we’re making sure we have the right type and amount of canapés at the meeting,” Ashley Risburger, a representative of the G20 nations told the Financial Times.

With power shifting from the G7 and onto the G4, the G20 nations have sometimes felt underappreciated with the proceedings and are now pushing for the G54 contingent to muscle in as well.

“This is the first time all the G7, G20, G4 and G54 countries are meeting in one hall. We’re so excited but it’s going to be one heck of a meeting,” Sam Finklestein, a US eco lobbyist told Reuters.

There are plans to amalgamate all the G nations into one group of G240 countries but some diplomats say that this would mean that the meetings would be less frequent annually thus depriving delegates of gourmet meals and other goodies.

Larry Jenkem, who deals with International Monetary Policy, was today calling for a change of letter within the G nations.

“We want a different letter. Maybe we should move onto F countries. You know like F20 and F7. I think that actually sounds better than G,” Mr Jenkem exclaimed.

Some commentators on the G20, G7, G4 and G54 have however chosen to ignore all the suggestions because of the yawn inducing nature of the whole matter.

Tony Humbug, 49, an agitated British voter said: “F*cking hell, it’s enough to make you want to shave your eyeballs with a rusty razor. These G whatever meetings they’re always having. They just talk and talk and talk. Pamper themselves on booze, gourmet food and high class pr*stitutes then go back home to repeat the same thing next year. All the while, outside every meeting there are people causing bloody havoc with riots while these ponced up arseholes are blabbing away as if nothing’s going on. I’m sick of the whole bloody lot. Forget about G, I say it should be Zzzzz.”