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Palin to Take Over From Schwarzenegger as California Governor

WASILLA - USA - Sarah Palin is set to take over from the "Governator" Schwarzenegger say sources in California.

“First thing Sarah asked me was ‘Are there any moose or elk in California?’ I said ‘no, but we got coyotes and a shitload of liberal do-gooders,’ well, she laughed and accepted the job,” the soon to be ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger told the LA Times on Thursday.

Senior GOP members have confirmed Palin’s move and will make it official next week via the news networks.

Sarah Palin, who recently quit as governor of Alaska, is raring to go to California and sort out the deficit once and for all.

“I won’t be able to see Russia from California but the move might be able to expand my geographical knowledge some. I heard that California is quite near to Mexico, or is that Cuba? They got commies there I heard in one of those countries. It’s going to be quite a change I tell you. I plan on raising money for the empty coffers by declaring war on Washington and extending hunting season,” Sarah Palin was quoted as saying on the Fox News network.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been dogged by the state of the Californian economy since his election will be glad to get away from it all. He plans on spending his retirement at his mansion nursing his wounds after a failed governorship that has blighted the states chances of recovery.

Sarah Palin, say some politicos in Washington, will probably be using her time as California’s new governor as a stepping stone for the 2012 election when she hopes to be elected as the United States’ first ever female president.

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