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Inquiry Into Why UK Invaded Country With World’s Second Largest Oil Reserves

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown has agreed for an inquiry into the invasion of Iraq which will be held behind closed doors and conducted by government and oil company officials.

Gordon Brown announced the whitewash inquiry yesterday after consulting oil executives at 10 Downing street.

Iraq has the world’s second largest proven oil reserves. Since the invasion in 2003 by America and Britain, new exploration has discovered Iraq’s
reserves to be 200+ billion barrels of high-grade crude, which is extraordinarily
cheap to produce and extremely profitable for both countries.

The UK and US were barred from access to oil profits since Iraq’s nationalization in 1972. It was only after the invasion in 2003 that the four Anglo-American oil giants finally got access to the oil reserves.


The Iraqi constitution of
2005, greatly influenced by US advisors, contains language that
guarantees a major role for foreign companies.

The occupation of Iraq according to US officials will be indefinite.

A spokesman for the US state department, Jim McRuckus, told CNN yesterday: “It was necessary for us to liberate the oil and profits from the Iraqi people. Our SUV’s and cars are bigger than theirs. Together the UK and US took the Iraqis lands, oil and killed millions of Iraqi civilians as well as displaced many millions. Sure there were a few US and UK casualties but, hey, they signed up so they were expendable for oil profits. The US owns Iraq now and we’re going to stay here forever. It was a win win situation for us, we killed millions of Muslims and took their oil. We thank the British for their help.”
Since 2003 the US and UK oil companies have been siphoning off huge profits and oil from the fields at the expense of the Iraqi regime and people
and there are no signs that the thievery will ever stop.

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  1. The Iraqis are cowards and weak peoples. Fuck them and the US did the right thing invading!

    It’s OUR OIL NOW!!!

  2. From a U.S. perspective (Using Bush logic.) it’s a question of OUR Oil being under THEIR land.

  3. Those sandniggers deserved everything they got. They invaded us on 911. Never forget.

    All you sympathisers piss me off. What are you going to do when they come over here and force islam on you, rape our women and takeover with their mosques? what are you going to then? Saddam was going to attack the west and the US stopped him real good. pwned!

  4. The Americans also got to test out a lot of new weaponry on the Iraqis. It’s been good for the defence budget.

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