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New Police Training Game Unveiled

LOS ANGELES - USA - Recruits for the LAPD will be expected to train with the new simulator from next month says Chief Commandant Rodney Prince.

“It’s just like the real deal, I feel like I get a good workout with my arms and truncheon when I train with this simulator. Hell, you can even hear the bones crackin’,” Officer Al Hertyu, from LA’s 67th precinct told the LA Times.

According to the developers of the simulator, this piece of high end software can actually save lives.

The software
developers also claim the game is good for police moral and is a good
way of letting off steam after a hard days violence on the streets.

“This shows you where to hit the perps depending on the situation. Say we got someone on pcp, now they ain’t going to feel pain like you and I so you’re gonna have to keep whackin’ until they go down. You got to get them in the right place too otherwise they just keep on coming. We’ve designed this software to train new recruits on how to conduct themselves during police brutality lawsuits as well. Either you say the right things or you go down. I’ve had thirty year police veterans come up to me and tell me that this program had them giggling like it was their first beat session. It really is that good,” Bob Monk, one of the developers for the software divulged.

The company that has developed the training aid is NASDAQ listed Crunch Software who are based in San Francisco, California.

Already other states are realising how effective the police training software is and are also planning to incorporate the program in their academies.


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