Gordon Brown: "Fear Levels Not High Enough"

LONDON - England - Unelected leader of the British Soviet people, Gordon Brown, is relishing the introduction of the swine flu virus into the British population.

Speaking from his Dacha in Southwold, Comrade Brown addressed senior Labour party officials and Bolshevik commanders:

“Comrades, as much as I welcome the wonderful news that we will have a
pandemic to finally whittle down the population by 90% so that we can
bring in our scientific utopian
dictatorship and the ultimate Fabian dream, I am still not happy with
the insipid fear levels that are being registered by the plebiscite. They still
seem to be nonchalant and apathetic to the fact that there will be
total social breakdown, no food; anti-viral medication only delivered to
party officials and Labour sycophants; total chaos and death.

“Comrades, as you all know, we have our antidotes for this lab-created
and will languish in our luxury apartments whilst all around us
the ensuing chaos will kick off. We will of course pretend to care and look as if we are doing something for the fodder. The Summer of Rage will be my defining
moment wherein I have left the people no option but to riot. We have
opened the borders for the virus to enter the country and do its work.
All contingency plans have thus so far been adhered to, as Commissar
Balls and Mandie can attest to in their fervour during preparations for
the genocide.

“Remember comrades it was us or them, and of course we have all the
machinery while they have nothing and are all useless consumers whose only purpose
is to serve us by consuming junk they think they need. We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?
We are tired of their ineffectual nature. They are a
burden on the New Age of Change, see how they disobey me on all orders
and laugh at me. Well, their time is up and the economic shock testing
that we engineered to create the collapse of the last remnants of
capitalism are proof of our power.

“Politburo members have even informed me that some of the plebiscite are so indoctrinated by the ‘eco-greening’ program that they will lay down their lives without question to save the earth from further pollution with their carbon emissions. These proles I salute and commend especially with their brainwashing, and I extend a globule of Soviet spittle on their unmarked graves.

“We have enabled a revolution without even one shot being fired. The
plebiscite are mere sheep — they can’t even bleat in protest as I
shepherd them into the pen for the final slaughter. We will
engineer a new society where the slaves will not question, they will
not have individual thought, they will not have the survival instinct
like us. Comrades, soon it will be time for us to retire to our villas
and watch the riots.”

In other news, sectors J34 and C21 were sealed off after another major outbreak of swine flu and the plebiscite neutralised.

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