Barack Obama’s Maiden Flight on Air Force One Goes Well

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Hussein Obama boarded his presidential plane with his wife Michelle today for the first time.

The new president boarded the Air Force One jet for his first presidential journey to New York to discuss the new stimulus package with high end members of Wall Street.

Suffice to say, President Barack Obama likes his new ride.

“It’s the stone groove my man,” he told House Democrats Friday in an after-dinner
speech here. “Thank you for giving me a reason to use Air Force One. Y’all should see the hubcaps on that mahfugga!”

president spoke after a 31-minute maiden voyage on the specially
outfitted Pimp My 747 that will be his airborne home and office for the next
four years.

“Obama is in da house. Y’all fasten yo seatbelts it gonna be a bumpay
ride mahfugs,” Captain Leroy Simpson was overheard shouting over the
intercom as everyone got settled in for the ride.

Moments before taking off from Andrews Air Force
Base, Obama visited the press cabin in the rear of the plane to show
reporters his Air Force crew launch jacket, his name stitched on the

“What do you think about this spiffy ride? Can you feel the suspension?” he asked reporters. “It’s not bad.”

flight from Andrews Air Force
Base, was a brief one. Just time enough for
an onboard meal of some fried chicken and fries, according to aides.

Obama was clearly impressed finally to have the full experience.

purpose of his maiden journey outside Washington was to push his
economic rescue package through Congress, a telling choice for a
president who took office after Bush brought the country to its knees.

saying that he’s willing to go anywhere and talk to anybody in order to
get a recovery and reinvestment plan that moves this economy forward,”
press secretary Bobby Cribbs said.