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…and the Oscar Goes to No One

LOS ANGELES - USA - This year's Woke Oscars were bereft of anything worthwhile, a humourless funeral signifying the final death knell of Hollywood itself.

Hungry ‘Death Island’ Eats Another Soul

LONDON - England - 'Death Island' has eaten another soul much to the delight of ITV executives on the crass banal exploitative reality show.

Mourning the Death of Another Instagram YouTube ‘Star’ Killed By Own...

LONDON - England - Another paragon of human society, YouTube Instagram 'star', has bought the farm, amongst all the other victims of their own narcissism in the overflowing cemetery of social media.

Turkeys Celebrate After Bernard Matthews Death

NORFOLK - England - It has been a long time coming, but the day that mass turkey farmer, Bernard Matthews, bit the dust, the turkeys thought they finally got some relief.

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