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Michael Schumacher: “No More Skiing For Me”

GLAND - Switzerland - Grand Prix legend Michael Schumacher has vowed to never go back onto the slopes again in a revealing interview since coming out of a prolonged coma.

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“I will not be going on the slopes again, and this is no reference to Jeremy Clarkson, I mean real slopes with snow on them. It’s too dangerous out there, one minute you’re skiing down a slope, the next minute, I don’t remember anything. I’ve still got a bit of a headache, mein gott it was awful. How long have I been out for?” the Grand Prix veteran revealed in a recent interview.

As for Lewis Hamilton, well, after his comments, he has been keeping a low profile, but Michael Schumacher had a few words to say about him.

“I would head butt Hamilton but with my recent injury it would not be so good eh, maybe I’ll just kick him in the Schwachsinn next time I see him,” Schumacher added.

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