Ghost of Football Past: Germany Will Win World Cup

SAO PAOLO - Brazil - The ghost of football past has made another very obvious prediction.

There’s something about the Germans and their team that predicts a World Cup win.

“Hi, I’m the friendly ghost from football past. I just know that Germany will win the World Cup, that’s because I exist in all time and space therefore your future is like my yesterday. I also know this because of the German goal keeper and the efficient structure of the team. Kloser and Gotze, Muller and Neuer. It’s probably going to be a 1-0 match. Call me crazy, but this is what I see through my magic crystal football. As for England, well, it’s a good thing they have the plane’s engines still running on the tarmac.”

The ghost of football past then wistfully glides through the air disappearing back into the ether.

Well, here’s another obvious prediction, the sky will still be blue tomorrow and the pope will still be Catholic.