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Kiwis: “Sorry No New Zealand Lamb For England”

LONDON - England - The Kiwi Trade Minister, who attended the cricket world cup final between England and New Zealand on Sunday is outraged at the result and is vowing a blockade on lamb chops.

After winning the cricket World Cup in spectacular fashion, the upset Kiwis are now talking about a New Zealand lamb embargo.

New Zealand Trade Minister, Robert Ewe, called for a comprehensive embargo on all trade including the famously delicious New Zealand lamb which people in Britain love to slap on their plates for dinner.

“When England beat New Zealand to win the men’s cricket World Cup for the first time after being tied twice, I practically swallowed a possum and had to slap my self awake with a Chevron Skink! England will not be eating our New Zealand lamb chops for a long time. This is an outrage! What next? The rugger?”

In an emotional and electric atmosphere at Lord’s, both sides scored 241 in their 50 overs and were level on 15 when they batted for an extra over apiece.

The tied result meant England were crowned world champions by virtue of having scored more boundary fours and sixes – 26 to New Zealand’s 17 – in the entire match.

All across New Zealand, lambs were heard sighing in relief at the news that there would be an embargo for England.

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