England Manager Fabio Capello to Star in Opera Production

LONDON - England - The Covent Garden Opera House is readying itself for the Italian England manager to join the new production of Pagliacci starting next season.

“This will be a dream production, because we will have the whole of the England football team on stage acting as clowns on an imaginary pitch, and Fabio will be there as the director of the clown troupe. He is quite an amazing tenor, almost as good as the late Pavarotti,” Alan Titmunch, the production’s director in chief told the Times.

The opera will be themed in the style of a world cup match between England v Germany, and will plot the trials and tribulations of the Italian tenor trying to control and direct his clowns to perform various tasks. Most of the time the clowns just muck around but sometimes they make a breakthrough.

The opera has already caused a stir at the box office and all tickets have been sold out in less than a day.

“This is the most eagerly awaited opera we have ever staged here in Covent Garden and we must say, it is a true honour to have Mr Capello perform with such passion to the audiences,” Mr Titmunch added.