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Footballer Sleeps With Other Footballer’s Girlfriend

LONDON - England - There was shock in the world of football as it was discovered that a footballer slept with another footballer's girlfriend.

“I don’t believe anything like this could ever happen. He what? Are you trying to tell me that a footballer slept with another footballer’s girl? You must be joking mate, that never happens. Next you’ll be telling me that footballers go around shagging every piece of slapper that is thrown at them, c’mon!” a football commentator for Sky Sports said on Talk Sport TV.

The footballer in question has had to hang his head in shame after the revelations were published all over the press.

In other news, the Pope has a penchant for Catholicism and bears like to leave big smouldering shits in the woods.

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  1. Joh Terry should be lined up and shot for what he did. I never been as appalled by any story as this one. England needs to make an example of him, perhaps a public beheading live before the next England game.

    The captaincy should have been passed on to Gerrard, who has all the right credentials. He is a lovely guy, he never dives to win penalties, he is kind and considerate to everyone he meets (especially pub dj’s) and always has a smile on his face. Give it to Stevie G!

  2. It’s the poor man’s opera>What the lower classes enjoy most, these fools may have bucket loads of cash but they’re still the lowest of the low as far as class goes.

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