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Andy Murray Swallows Tennis Ball During Final

MELBOURNE - Australia - The Rod Laver Arena was treated to a stonking grand slam final with Scot tennis supremo, Andy Murray, who swallowed a whole tennis ball during the final set of the game against Croatia's Marin Cilic.

“Murray opened up his mouth and swallowed the whole serve from Cilic. One minute the ball was flying in the air after a backhand volley and the next it was in Murray’s mouth. The umpires and audience, who were expecting a return shot just stood there in disbelief,” the BBC’s sports commentator, Anus Hawkins said.

After swallowing the tennis ball, Murray calmly looked around the arena then burped loudly causing the crowd to applaud wildly.

The umpires and technicians were then summoned to the court to try and figure out if swallowing the ball during the game is anywhere in the rules.

“It was quite funny because the officials were huddling around a thick rule book to see what they should do, or if there was any guidance on eating the tennis balls during a game. Eventually they came to the decision that Murray should keep the point because he hasn’t won anything for quite awhile,” Mr Hawkins added.

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