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Time to Forget: Future Humans Will Not Have Memory

BOSTON - USA - One thing about humanity's past history is that it is coloured with war, injustice and pain. The future human, according to a group of scientists will exist in a world of blissful ignorance to the heartache and destructive qualities of the past.


“We are seeing glimpses of what is to come with companies like Google, enforced by the EU, erasing history on the internet. In the future much of the past will be erased from all knowledge as humans will be wired into the hybrid hive mind of instant recall of facts, scientific as well as entertainment. The future internet will thus be one of total control, where the hive mind will only exist in the present.

“It serves no purpose for the drones to dwell on such curiosities as historical occurrences that reveal how people were treated over history. This only creates anger and resentment, it is better for the population to exist in a state of complete ignorance to the past.

“The ones who control all policy will most probably extend their censorship to past artistic works, poetry, literature, music, philosophy and political ideology. Simply speaking, the new order will need to be cleansed of anything that promotes free thought, introspection, cojutation. All it takes for prospective unrest is an idea, a spark, a belief, and this concept whatever it may be can spread like wildfire creating untold damage to the heavily controlled system.

“Religion falls under the strand of political ideology. In a one world system, there can only be one religion, and that will be the singular order, all other previous religions will be erased from the system completely, as will all other political ideologies. Within human existence, it is destructive to have more than one faction, it creates disharmony and conflict.

“Those in the future, will not know the past, those in the past will be dead, therefore one epoch dies and another arises. The children of the future will be so pliable, that they will be taught that snow is black and believe it without question. When referencing populations, we are disregarding the governing class, who will be aware of slightly more than the rest of the population.

“What is consciousness to many is sleep to others. And it is in this vain that memories will be wiped of the past, as the digital history books will be erased from public consumption. Generations that pass, are always good erasers, but generations are also good formers, this way new ideas and techniques can be introduced and carried on, the brainwashing continuing in perpetual exponential momentum, clinically forming public consciousness through the use of technique.

“The digital world is one of copy and paste, one of instantaneous deletion, and creation at the speed of light. You will not be aware, and you will not be an individual, as the maelstrom of collective control sweeps across the big brain, as you read this now, you will not realise that as part of the herd, you are being shepherded every single day of your existence from birth to death, and to that end you are not in control of your original human essence any more, your first thoughts as a child lost their initial innocent purity and were formed by others, and as an adult, there are many layers of washing through your behavioural cognitive world view. The internet serves this purpose very well, as it remodels world views in a single digital sweep.

“Thus in conclusion, memory of past history is the enemy that could destroy the next era to come, it will be erased completely, lobotomised, so that the remaining humans do not repeat the same transgressions of the past. The saying goes ‘those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it’ well that quote will not apply to the future, because the past will be digital and that can be erased with one press of a button.”

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