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Apple Develops iChopping Board

CUPERTINO - USA - Floundering tech company Apple has unveiled its latest product, the iChopping Board.

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Speaking at the product’s unveiling today, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, said: “The iChopping Board is going to revolutionise the way people chop their food in the kitchen. We can safely say that this product is the best thing since sliced onion.”

The innovative device even detects what you’re chopping on it and gives you tips on what to cook.

Retailing at $3,500 a pop this new Apple gadget is sure to chop up your wallet too.

“When Apple announced the iChopping Board, I practically wet myself,” a not very good cook, but Apple fan said.

Queues will certainly be streaming around Apple stores worldwide when the new gadget is released in June.

Apple’s share price rose by 0.02% on the announcement.

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  1. If this is real I don't know anyone who would want something like this.
    we have enough stupid gadgets anyway? C'mon this is ridiculous what the next new thing?

    Apple are crazy bringing this out I bet Steve Jobs is turning in his grave right now

  2. It says that it won't be released until June. I'm sure you can wait until then…….c'mon…

  3. thers something wrong here i been searching apple website but nothing coming up please can someone tell me where on earth that i can get this ichopping board pls have they been released yet whats the date? somebody gotta know

  4. This is a great idea but how long before Microsoft comes out with their version?

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