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Sony Introduce New ADD Television

TOKYO - Japan - Sony Corp. has introduced its latest television model onto the scene that now incorporates Attention Deficit Disorder functions on the remote control unit.

The new remote control with the ADD3456-SO TV will have an ADD button incorporated into the device which will automatically switch from channel to channel.

The attention deficit disorder button will also be fully programmable so that the speed of channel flicking can be adjusted as well as loop functions, stutter functions and random play.

“This is the ultimate thumb saver for many of today’s modern TV viewers. No longer will you have a sore thumb from switching channels, just press one button, adjust the speed of the channel flicker and you’re in ADD heaven,” the CEO of the company, Chikushou Baka, said at a recent news conference.

One of the reporters present was told to try the device and pressed the button, releasing a torrent of channel surfing that set off an epileptic seizure in another man in the audience.

“It’s just like watching normal TV but instead of manually switching channels inanely this does it automatically. We all know there’s f*ck all on telly and that’s why we flick, but this device brought it to another new level,” Dan Fenster, a reporter for Tech Now magazine said.

The new ADD TVs have been flying off the shelves and are said to be now beating 3D TVs in sales.

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