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Your System Does Not Work and Neither Does Theirs

LONDON - England - From communism to capitalism to religious belief systems to mathematical algorithms to computerised scientific research, what is the answer?

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You think you’ve got it, transcended all human consciousness, come up with a system of politics, of living for all of humanity that will work, the thing is, it may work for a short period of time, but that’s it, in reality it was a mere snapshot, a tendril of thought and ultimately a huge failure.

Communism, Marxism, Capitalism, Fascism, anything with an ism at the end, are all ultimately doomed to utter failure.

The ability to formulate complex algorithms they say is the answer, but it is as wrong as any other process because the human and universal condition is not only constantly changing in eternal flux but is a paradox of algorithms within algorithms and vertices that point uselessly to obscure points for no reason at all then change back without warning. Google may think they have the answer, but they do not know the question.

One minute you have the market, the next you have nothing. Change is an element of destruction, and chaos is a universal system that cannot be formulated.

One minute the human created religion is relevant, the next, it is dust. Over universal time, these huma-constructed things are merely objects, brief belief moments giving people hope for a few seconds of existence but nothing else. If those religious books were to disappear tomorrow, as they are irrelevant, the universe would continue to exist as if nothing happened at all in the first place.

So, what is the answer to humanity’s question of finding the perfect model of existence? The answer is not in a question but in the element itself, without complete understanding of all human and universal processes and its multiplicity of variants, its omnifarious variations, there is no answer. Without stasis, there will never be an answer, as change, constantly undulating and moving in irregular fashion is the enemy of constancy, therefore the truth always eludes the follower. As long as time moves forward, gravity exists and light pierces through the darkness, there will only be glimpses to the answer but nothing more.


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