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Five Ways to Play Slots in 2022

LAS VEGAS - USA - Discover five great ways to spin the reels of your favourite slots in 2022 with our short guide to casino gambling.

Slots are (and have been) the most popular way to gamble online since internet betting first took off in the mid-1990s. Part of their success has been that it is easy for casino software providers to create new games. Many of their early releases were carbon copies of existing games, albeit with new paint jobs, themes, and graphics. Since then, slots have diversified a lot. Today’s slots feature unique engines and gaming mechanics, and many have little in common. Join us as we chart five ways for you to play slots in 2022.

Play with Jackpot Prizes

If you’ve grown tired of conventional, non-progressive slot machines with boring jackpots, then why not have a crack at progressive jackpot slots? These are slot machines that do not have a fixed jackpot. The prize pool keeps rising with each new game until it is won. There are many different jackpot slots around, and each utilises different winning mechanics, but that’s part of the fun. Some can deliver prizes worth many millions of dollars.

In Tournaments

Playing slots in tournaments used to be a niche thing, but now it’s exceedingly popular. We can probably thank Pragmatic Play and their Drops & Wins tournaments for this. Online slots in tournaments often come with added prizes to hand out to top performing members. You will likely earn points based on the amount you stake or win. Those points will be used to climb a tournament table, with the top performing players winning the greatest shares of the spoils.

On Your Mobile

Playing slots on your mobile is also an option in 2022. This has been an option for over a decade now. However, the process has been refined in the last few years. Today, you can bet on your mobile without needing a casino app. Instead, all games are designed in HTML5 from scratch, allowing them to be run on your portable gambling device without the need for specific software.

With Cryptocurrency Stakes

One of the most modern ways to play slots online is with cryptocurrency stakes. Admittedly, this will be a step too far for some players and isn’t for everyone. Wrapping your head around cryptocurrencies is challenging enough; they are highly volatile, a risky investment (say some), and not many of the world’s top slots are yet crypto-friendly. However, it is an option that does exist if you want to explore it.

In Land-Based Casinos

Finally, you might choose to play land-based slots. This is how slot games were initially meant to be played. There are drawbacks to playing physical slot machines, not least that you lose out on half the goodies often found online. However, if you want a bona fide, realistic experience, you can’t get better than land-based casino slot machines.

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