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Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have to Follow

DALLAS - USA - NFL cheerleaders may look glamorous but there is a dark side and a lot of rules to follow to their profession.

On screen, NFL cheerleaders are the happy squad. They make sure that they are always happy, smiling and looking on point, if we may add. However, all this comes at a pretty hefty cost, and we don’t mean their salaries.

NFL cheerleaders earn at least £6 ($10) an hour which can amount to a lot of money if you are playing real money online casino (casino en ligne) bets. However, when compared to the NFL players millions, the cheerleaders get peanuts.

Below, we shall look at some of the very strict rules that NFL cheerleaders have to adhere to or risk losing their job.


NFL Cheerleader Rules

1. Avoid public makeup touch ups.
2. Always stay standing during NFL unless when official requests are made for them to sit down.
3. Pose for the team calendars and sell them.
4. Avoid mentioning the teams that they cheer for.
5. Always be ready to work.
6. Submit to authority at all times.
7. Talk in certain way i.e. refrain from slang, gossip and some other controversial topics.
8. Always look and be their best at anytime of the day.
9. Hide all tattoos with makeup and also refrain from showing any piercings.
10. No drastic appearance changes i.e. no hair colouring or cutting.
11. No eating while in their uniforms.
12. Always maintain personal hygiene.
13. Mind their weight. Should a cheerleader gain weight, she can be suspended.
14. No wearing undergarments as some of their uniforms can be quite revealing.
15. Take extra care of themselves i.e. teeth need to be white at all times, and tan should be of an acceptable colour.
16. Mind what they post on social media.
17. Keep their distance from the players. No relationships with player whatsoever, even on social media.
18. Take off the uniform after the game.
19. Buy their own uniform/s.
20. Follow a strict dress code even when they are not on duty.

Now that you have read the above rules, next time when you visit casinos online and sports betting sites, you will know that rules also apply.

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