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Five Exciting Ways To Keep Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

LONDON - England - For many of us, lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic is not going to end anytime soon. Here are some useful tips on how to use your time wisely.

While lockdown has presented the good in many as we all look to take care of one another, it’s also been a time of severe boredom for most of us.

With hours upon hours to kill, we’ve seen all manner of inventive ways to stay occupied. But you don’t necessarily need to be creative to gleam a little bit of enjoyment from this situation.

No, you can throw yourself into all manner of activities and take just as much enjoyment as you would heading to a sports match, or spending an hour in the pub.

If you’re looking for a simple, but exciting way to pass the time, then we’re here to help and below you’ll find five excellent ways to keep yourself occupied…

Become A Fitness Freak!!


Maybe a little extreme, but there are plenty of opportunities to get fitter and healthier, all from the comfort of your own home.

While cycling, running and walking are ideal outdoor activities, you can enjoy Joe Wicks’ daily workout in front of the television, or take up one of the many yoga streams that are now available.

Many comedians have joked about how we’ll be the fittest nation ever with thousands out and about on their bikes, but it really is an opportunity to take the time to look after yourself.

Brush Up On Your DIY

construction-workers-921224_1280Got problems around the house that you’ve never got around to fixing? Well why not get to work and bring your home into good shape, whether it be painting your fences or fixing up the cupboard doors which have been hanging off the hinges for months.

You can get out in the garden and get it ready for the summer months, or even completely rethink the layout of your rooms.

For those thinking of selling their home, it’s the ideal time to get these things sorted and boost your home’s saleability once the market begins to pick back up.

Learn A Language

dictionary-2317654_1280If you’re like us, then you’ve probably been daydreaming about your next holiday. Heck, we all deserve one!

So why not think about where you want to visit and do your research too by learning the language.

Picking up the basics of a language can not only be a useful skill for travelling but also can be great for work too and boost your chances of employment in a number of roles.

Apps such as Duolingo can be the perfect starting place for a number of languages from French and Italian, to Spanish, Portuguese and more.

Get Into Esports

xbox-4142756_1280While sport around the world is on hold, one variation is well and truly thriving – Esports!

Many of us have taken to video gaming since lockdown, and while it’s great playing, it’s brilliant to watch the very best go head to head too.

Games such as FIFA, Call of Duty and League of Legends have regular tournaments with players all over the world taking part to win millions in prize money.

Not only can you stream the action online, you can also bet on Esports too, with many bookmakers offering odds, just as they would for the weekend’s football! It’s the ideal replacement during these unprecedented times.

Practice Your Cooking


For many of us, it’s a completely new way of life at the moment. We’ve gone from living at 100mph and having to eat quick-fix meals or ready meals to having the time to take care and pride in our cooking.

Why not take down the cookery book off your shelf, which you’ve not looked at since getting it for Christmas and start considering some of the recipes? It could take you to the next level with your cooking, as well as introduce new flavours and new staple dishes to your menu!

You can also find tons of great food recipes online, so why not spend a few hours and treat yourself to a dish full of love and attention?

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