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Sports Betting is More Popular Than You Think – Here’s Why

JAKARTA - Indonesia - Sports betting is one of the most profitable and popular forms of online and offline gambling.

These days, you can find hundreds of different online bookies on the web, with each making their own astounding offers and promises. Whether it is by removing the limits, placing limits, or advertising ridiculous bonuses that seem too good to be true, only because they usually are. But this game, which is rapidly becoming a sport, and a brutal one at that, has seen exponential growth, as it is growing in popularity. Though it remains a mystery as to how it happened, conclusive evidence shows that the ongoing growth this market has been fortunate enough to savour is due to its convenience and a number of other things. So let us look into the nooks and crannies of this some $150 billion industry and show you why it is more popular than you may think.

The Types of Sport

You can bet on almost any sport with online bookies. From horse racing, tennis, American football, to rugby. Really, you can bet on anything in the world, with soccer being on the forefront, as it is the most popular. In markets around the Asia-Pacific region, soccer is becoming more and more popular, even in countries such as Indonesia. According to sbobet mobile specialists, Indonesia has become one of the countries whose majority of residents love soccer. So much that they offered a 50% direct deposit bonus for new members when the 2018 World Cup was held in Russia, which makes a good reason why people are being compelled to give the sports betting game a shot.

How Popular Sports Betting Is?

The answer is very popular. It is rare to find what may seem like an underground run industry to be that large and magnanimous in stature. With its growth, comes the growth of its popularity. According to a survey conducted in the United States, over 50% of the population admitted to having placed a bet at least once in their lives. Asia-Pacific, which is the biggest sports betting market, are estimated to be responsible for 47% of the entire world’s sports wagers. This does not come as a surprise seeing that they boast a population that is worth 4 billion.

Why Is It Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Accounting for the majority of online sports books is the type of sports book called Post-up sports books. They actually require that their players deposit money before they can bet. Post-up sports books have it that you are not over your head in debts, encouraging people to go on without having much to lose, apart from your current wager.

An aspect of the betting world, especially with sports betting that has had many people fantasize about all the millions they can potentially make, are the bonuses. With some offering a VIP reward system, the bonus system can sometimes go up to 200%-300%. With today’s many mediums and modes, you have better confidence that you will be paid, encouraging you to place a bet.

The reason its popularity increased, especially in recent years, is mainly because of the increased wealth and the expansion of digital connectivity. Technology, with all of its advancements, has encouraged a lot of people to jump into the world of wagers. Internet connectivity has aided this quest in many ways, allowing users to get the latest news and information on sports, making for all the more reasons why a non-bettor should get on that train.

Though most of the US bettors are operating from offshore servers, due to laws against them, the US has seen great growth in the number of people having betted at least once before. With the confidence of getting paid to be an aspect, another reason is simply sheer convenience. Now, all you need to do is switch on your device, type your username and password and go straight ahead to place a bet. You have cut out the previous inconvenience of having to deal with either a middleman or a local bookie who you will have to go to.

With its convenience, confidence, and accessibility, the gambling industry has seen great substantial growth. While only a mere 3% of the betting industry is legal, people still continue to use mobile betting apps, enabling the thought-provoking idea of ‘will they ever legalize the whole industry’. It rakes in large sums of money, which, when regulated, will prove to be very profitable. Bringing in billions upon billions, and consistently winning over the confidence of current and new users, the popularity of this industry is expected to keep on growing.

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