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Misconceptions that People Believe Are True

BRISBANE - Australia - People believe a lot of crazy stuff but did you know that a lot of things are not what they seem to be and are riddled with peoples misconceptions.

People will believe anything and everything that they want to believe. As a result, it is hard to change what a person believes. Today, we do not want to change what people believe in, however we want to look at a few misconceptions that people believe to be true. Yet in actual fact they are not.

The Coffee Bean

Coffee is a beverage that is loved by many. The real reason behind this is not really known. Anyway, most people believe that coffee is made from beans. Yet in actual fact it is made from seeds called a bean.


The 5 Human Senses

touchGrowing up, in school we were always told that we have 5 senses. Namely, these are touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. However, research has shown that we do not just have 5 senses, but we have twenty-one or so. Where common sense is somewhere there. Like knowing when to stop when we are not winning at sport betting or leaving the toxic relationship.

The Colours of a Chameleon

Chameleons are one very strange reptile. This is mainly because they are one of the only species that can change colour. On that note, people believe that chameleons change colour according to their surroundings, as a form of camouflage. However, in actual fact they change colour according to the temperature, their exposure as well as their mood.

Your Win Is Due

Another common belief that people have that is not true is that their win is due when they play real money online casino games, check out https://www.kingjohnnie.net/en/online-pokies. After having played a casino game for a while, people believe that they are due a win. In actual fact, your win is not due. To add on that, that will only come if lady luck is on your side.

The Peanutspeanuts

Quite a number of people love peanuts, be it they are roasted or grounded into smooth peanut butter. These very same people also believe that peanuts are a type of nut. This is mainly because of the nut in the name. However, peanuts are actually part of the legumine family along with beans and peas.

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