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Dubai: Top 7 Reasons to Visit

DUBAI - U.A.E - This city is an amazing place to visit, whether you seek adventure or luxury hotels, shopping or beaches. The myriad of activities to be found are truly mind boggling.

Dubai might not be a destination that is currently trending around the world, however, it should be mandatory to visit once in a lifetime. There can be more than 100 reasons to visit Dubai, but seven reasons are enough for you to want to fly to it on your next holidays. This modern, multi-cultural, and activity filled place has endless adventures to offer its travellers.

1. Ethnicity and culture mix

Dubai is known as a rival of New York City for hosting people of many cultures and ethnicities. More than 90 percent of the population of Dubai is made up by foreigners from all around the globe. Some of them are tourists, but its majority is people who went there to work as expatriates. The Emiratis make up the ten percent left of the population. If you are looking to know a bit more about the world itself, go to Dubai and find all the nationalities there without even crossing a long way far from home.

2. Desert adventures

Taking a desert safari is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. You cannot miss the chance of going wild in the deserts of Dubai. Dubai desert tours include several options for your different tastes: dune bashing, camel riding and a hunt for the sunset in a SUV.

3. Luxury everywhere

Dubai is the place where the police drive Lamborghinis. So, if you do something illegal, which is totally discouraged, you will have the authorities after you in one of the most amazing cars you will see the police with. Dubai offers luxury that can only be lived and experienced. If explained, some people might never believe you.

Let’s take a look at Palm Island as an example. This is a man-made island with several hotels and mansions that are preserved for the wealthy people who can afford it. If you never felt poor in life, Dubai is the city that will make you think twice about your own belongings.

4. Food haven

Food is always on the mind of any traveller and, since Dubai is so culturally rich, it is very likely you will find your home country’s cuisine there. However, going abroad to eat the food you always eat at home is never a good idea. You should give a chance to try the Arabic cuisine and find some places that suit you to have a meal according to your budget.

5. Skyline and Architecture


Skyscrapers are one of the wonders of Dubai. Millions of tourists go to Dubai just because of its skyline and the famous Burj Khalifa building, completed in the year of 2010. Nowadays, Dubai is home to buildings the whole world recognizes as eye catching. The Burj Khalifa shines above the other buildings of the city, also The Marina takes the attention for the highest residential building in the world as well as the Burj Al Arab, a hotel shaped like a sail.

6. Indoor attractions and unlimited adventures

If you don’t feel like staying outside for some activities, you can also choose to go fully adventurer indoors. Enjoy the tours of the suspended aquarium, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo where you can see all the different types of sea life.

Art galleries, museums, cinemas, and many other activities can be done indoors with children or older people. Horse racing is also a big thing in the state, with Dubai hosting in November, at the same time we get to know the Breeders Cup results, the Racing at Meydan.

If you are an adventurer looking to stay away from sitting inside there are also plenty of choices for you. From thrilling water sports to sandy beaches, all you have to do is choose what you like the most and go for it. You can go on a hot balloon air trip, for hiking, safari, skydiving, water parks or just enjoy the beaches and the blue waters of the ocean.

7. Shopping


If after discovering all the luxuries of Dubai you think your wallet will scream in pain, you are wrong! Electronics, for example, are more affordable in Dubai than in places like Paris or Milan. Dubai is famous for its world-class shopping malls, like for instance, the Dubai Mall that has 1200 shops, an indoor zoo, and a hotel. No matter what your budget is: you can always find a shop for your wallet in Dubai.

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