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What Is the Best Type of Futon Mattress?

LOS ANGELES - USA - Japanese futons can be very useful and practical pieces of furniture, however there are many variables one must consider when buying.

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In American furniture lexicon today, the futon is often synonymous with the modern sofa sleeper. Modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of mattresses, which vary in stiffness, size, height.

Recently, thin mattresses have become popular – futons, which can be used to adjust the stiffness of sofas and beds in case of unexpected guests and to create an unusual room style.

What Is a Futon?

Thin futon mattresses were originally common in Japan. Traditional for this country bedding does not take place in the interior. A thin cotton quilted mattress is spread on the floor for a night’s rest. In the morning it folds up and is stored in a closet. Futons were originally made by hand. Their main feature was the ability to fold compactly.

The best futon mattress is still an indispensable detail for the implementation of design solutions in the Japanese style. It can be used as an element of the original design for a room in a minimalist style, in which it can be a:

  •   sofa
  •   bed
  •   chair

Made in the modern version, it fits perfectly into the interior, in which there is nothing superfluous, everything is in its place.

How to Choose a Futon

The choice should not be spontaneous or thoughtless. For the product to benefit and be used, it is necessary to:

  • Decide on the thickness of the mattress. Usually, the futon has a thickness of 3 to 4 inches. The thinnest products (toppers) will well hide the bumps of the old sofa or mattress, as well as soften the hard surface. Thicker ones may well replace traditional mattresses.
  • Determine how and where you intend to use it. Perhaps you are going to sleep on the floor unfolding a futon. Or you need a topper to lay on a sofa or familiar sleeping place.
  • Topper removes bumps, softens or makes the sleeping surface stiffer. Perhaps a futon is needed just if guests unexpectedly arrive and need to stay for the night.
  • Find out what kind of futon from jonsguide.org you need. A traditional Japanese mattress can not only be in the form of a continuous rectangular canvas but also in the form of a folding one (transformer). Transforming models turn from an Ottoman or a chair into a full-fledged sleeping place. They do not need to be rolled up and stacked on the mezzanine until there is a need for them again. For small flats, transforming items are a catch and an excellent way out.
  • Pay attention to the filler. Natural latex is famous for its orthopaedic properties, natural origin, long lifespan and wear resistance. The cover is sewn from natural cotton fabric – eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-care material.

The futon is used not only as the main sleeping place but also as an additional place for guests to sleep, as a mattress for couches and folding beds; you can also cover a chair or bench with it. Such a product will help out in the summer residence, in a country house, and on holiday, because it is lightweight, convenient to transport and store.

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