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The Botox Drink Taking Celebrity World by Storm

LOS ANGELES - USA - Forget about needles in your face, the cosmetic industry has now discovered the perfect solution for the botox generation.

It used to be the preserve of the wealthy, crass, banal celebrity set – the botox injections that make the creases on your face harden like concrete – but now cosmetic surgeons have found an alternative method of treating their celebrity clients.

The botox milkshake treatment however does not come cheap, and at $56,000 per 100 ml cup, is at the moment out of the reach of ordinary people.

“The price of the Botox Milkshake will come down after awhile and become more accessible to the rest of the population,” cosmetic surgeon, Francois Guilleme, told CBS news.

“Fountain of eternal youth”

Celebrities who are addicted to botox injections on their faces have clambered for the new treatment.

“I think it’s great innit? I have a botox shake every morning now and my face is like concrete, much like my tits. I feed some to my pet gorilla, Alex Reid, and we even put it in our cornflakes in the morning. I still have botox injections because I enjoy the hands-on feel of having the botulism injected under my facial skin,” British celebrity, Katie Price told the Mirror newspaper.

The botox milkshakes are so effective that they preserve skin and flesh to give the recipient’s complexion an almost flawless sheen.

“Some of my clients are now over 85 years old but they look like 35. The only slight drawback is that some of them cannot make any facial expressions anymore, some of them cannot move their lips to speak either – which with some celebrities is actually a god send if you ask me. Others have permanent smiles stuck on their faces or grimaces and have a hard time getting out of them,” Doctor Guilleme added.

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  1. This is a brilliant idea and I am really scared of needles. Wow what an amazing discovery. I can;t wair to buy a botox shake

  2. For the first time experts have found that Botox causes muscle wastage in parts of the body not injected.Canadian researchers studied the effects of the substance, known amongst in the medical profession as Botulinum toxin A, on a group of 18 rabbits over a period of up to six months.

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