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The Best Moments in Video Game Comedy

LONDON - England - The best moments in video game comedy are illustrated right here and will have you rolling with laughter.

Often, video games can be a deeply serious business. You can be plunged into a whole new world and expected to take on a monumental quest that could eat up hundreds of hours of your life. For many of us, that’s the joy of a brand new video game; it’s an enormous challenge that we look forward to spending all our free time on. However, sometimes you need to bring a little fun to the situation, and that fact has not been lost on game developers. For years, the teams behind hit video games have been thinking of ever more inventive ways to make us crack a smile. These are some of our favourite examples of top-notch video game humour.

Red Dead Redemption II – Big Foot

Rockstar Games have always been known for their kooky sense of humour. There are plenty of moments in Red Dead Redemption that could easily have made the list; the vicar stumbling over the words to hymns, the fierce rivalry between two dumb siblings, but the moment we’ve picked is altogether darker. In another release by Rockstar Games, GTA V, it’s heavily hinted that there’s a sasquatch living in the hills. In the best example of video game nerd comedy we’ve come across, it’s possible to chat with the famous sasquatch in RDR2. The creature lives in a cave near Grizzlies West and will talk to you about the loneliness of its life if you follow the clues to find it. The conversation is sad, but the fact that the team took a myth from one of their other games and made it a near-impossible to find Easter egg in another game deserves at least a chuckle.

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The Stanley Parable – Gigantic Baby

Some games are strange to the point where they blur the line between art project and video game. The Stanley Parable is the game that fits this question the best. The whole point of this game is to make it to the end in as many different ways as possible, which must have led to some hilarious meetings during the development stages. There are some strange side quests along the way, but one that’s so ridiculous it becomes comedy rather than simply annoying. You must protect an enormous baby with your life to get past a disgruntled in-game character. The game runs for four hours, during which you must continually click to put out a fire. If you manage to keep going for four hours, then the huge baby is safe and you complete the game. Is it fun? No. Funny? Very.

gamesUnexpected Humour: When Slots Join the Comedy Scene – Rick and Morty Slot

In the vast gaming realm, the unexpected blend of humour and slots creates a unique entertainment niche. Among the many notable title mentions is the Rick and Morty slot game set across intergalactic space and futuristic lands. This game effortlessly channels the quirky and irreverent humour that the titular animated series is renowned for. As players spin the reels, they’re treated to iconic catchphrases and scenarios from the show, all while chasing those elusive winning combinations. The ludicrous adventures of Rick, a genius yet eccentric scientist, and Morty, his naive grandson, are brought to the spinning reels with a touch of comedic brilliance. This slot game is a testament to how humour can find its way into unexpected facets of gaming, adding a light-hearted touch to the thrill of potential wins.

Portal 2 – Surprise Party

The team behind Portal had a strange sense of humour, but one of the darkest moments is a quick jibe that GlaDOS makes. During a pause in play, usually during the mid-section of the game, GLaDOS will let you know that she’s throwing a surprise party for you. Naturally, you’d think that’s very sweet until she tells you that the party’s sole purpose is to reunite you with your parents. Those who’ve played Portal 2 will know that one of the core moments in your character’s life was being abandoned at birth. It’s a real zinger, but if you’ve got a dark sense of humour, it’s incredibly funny.

Skyrim – Glitchy Horses

Ultra real horses, flying through the air? Got to be Skyrim.

Sometimes, the very best comedy is accidental. There are many games with some pretty hilarious glitches, but Skyrim has become known as one of the glitchiest games. The Skyrim glitches are so funny because the game is incredibly realistic. If something glitches out in Crash Bandicoot, it’s not as unpredictable; you’re a crazy fox driving a racing car. However, if you stumble upon a completely realistic horse floating in the sky above a lake, it’s jarring. Skyrim has been known to send horses hurtling through the air without even moving their legs. It’s very silly, childish humour, but it’s precisely the injection of laughs that a game as serious as Skyrim needs; so – long live the glitches.

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