Boris Johnson Get Me to the Beach On Time

LONDON - England - The Mayor and Unbusiness Secretary Vince Cable, had a heated race to one of the capital's premier Olympic spots today.

The race resembled something out of Top Gear, but without the fake jocular bottom sniffing bravado, as the London Mayor and Vince Cable set off to a very special practice session at The O2.

When Bo Jo gets a snifter of beach volleyball quim, you’ll have to hold him back with brute force. He was off like lightning, first on foot, then a Boris bike, then a Boris cable car.

As for Vince Cable, he didn’t take the cable, he took the more traditional route of the heavily trafficked stinky roads in his Mini.

Well, no doubt the saucy hostess top totty in the cable car was a much welcome sight to Boris as he was lifted high up over London on the way to the Olympic venue in the new cable cars.

While Boris was getting his eyes washed with some serious eye candy at the women’s beach volleyball, poor old Vince, sans cable, was back in an unbusiness meeting in his car dreaming about telling bankers to stop all that banking lark.

Good on you Boris.