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Nintendo 3DS Gamers Thrilled at New Console

NEW YORK - USA - The new 3DS games console where gamers can now play in 3D has been praised by gamers worldwide, even though there are some small side-effects to the games.

“My eyes used to look straight forward but now I can see the end of my nose,” Jedward Tombiloo, 23, an ardent gamer from Manhattan told the New York Post.

The exciting launch by Nintendo of their new console was hailed as a major success, and just after two days of its much hyped release, the effects of the console are becoming more apparent.

Billy Batts, works at a Brooklyn video games emporium and said: “They came in here last week like fruit flies buying the console like they were hot cakes or something. I saw one moron buy five of them for the whole family, he even gave one to his six month baby. Now those same people are coming in here two days later with their eyes all whacked. They keep bumping into everything in the store. Like, I’m the one who has to pick everything up?”

“Even though I can’t walk the streets in a straight f*cking line anymore or read a book, I can play my 3DS console so I’m happy. It’s a small price to pay for 3D games,” Ronnie Michaels, 22, a resident of Long Island told CBS news.

Worldwide Nintendo 3DS users all seem to be enjoying the games console and are thrilled with the games as well as the permanent irreversible side-effects.

Another 3DS fan said: “I can see things in 3D on the console, it’s amazing. I just can’t see anything else, that’s all. I don’t care though.”

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