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Youths Attack Ugly Dog Prize Winner

HADLEY WOOD - England - One of Britain's ugliest dogs is recovering after she was attacked by a gang of youths who pulled out her only clump of real hair, her manager said.

Amy, who was named Britain’s Ugliest Dog by a national newspaper in 2005/6/7/8/9, was set on by a gang of teenagers after she went missing from her home in Hadley Wood, North London.

The twenty-five-year-old pure bred Jewish singer was rescued by a passer-by who saved her from the teenagers who were trying to wash her face with a flannel in a nearby park.

“They even pulled out her only clump of real hair,” said manager Dean Cohen, 46. “It was the only real hair she had.”

He said: “Amy leapt out of the lounge window last Thursday. She must have seen someone outside with some coke or skank because she is a real ‘caner’ Amy is.

“We searched high and low for hours and put posters up around the neighbourhood. I was convinced she had ended up under a car.

“About five hours after she went missing I got a phone call from a lady saying, ‘I think I found your dog in the park, but don’t get too excited because I had to pry her away from five 11-15-year-olds who were giving her a good rinsing.”

Mr Cohen said he took Amy to the local A&E where she was treated for bruises and a couple of sores.

He added: “Of course I immediately contacted all the relevant newspapers before we took her in to A&E.

“People might say she is ugly but when you spend a minute with her you realise she doesn’t have much of a personality either.”

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