Palin: 'Hunting Season for Lettermans Now Open'

WASILLA - USA - Sarah Palin, the Republican governor, has ditched moose hunting this year for a much better quarry -- Lettermans.

Hunting season has come early this year and Sarah Palin is gunning for some different prey. Her tactics are shoot first, ask questions later, i.e. typical North American tactics.

“She’s come out shooting this year. She’s bored with moose, or is that meese, who knows? Anyway, she’s bored with shooting moose. Everywhere you look here you see a goddamn moose. It’s boring. That’s why she’s got double barrels gunning for Lettermans. They’re like a little squirrel and they only come out of their holes late at night. Sarah is getting really, really itchy with the trigger for those little suckers I tell ya,” Mrs Palin’s husband, told Fox News.


On a good day, you can usually find Mrs Palin in the woods stalking some defenceless animal while she’s wearing some $5,000 stiletto heels and an Armani outfit worth over $25,000.

“Sarah only wears the best when she’s out hunting. If she gets a splash of blood on her Gucci or Prada whilst gutting an elk or moose, she just throws away the clothes and dips into her extensive $150,000 wardrobe for more freebies,” her husband added.

Looks like those Lettermans better watch out, Sarah’s about, and by the sound of things she’s f*cking angry.