Michael Jackson to Star in Thriller Remake As Zombie

LOS ANGELES - USA - The King of Pop has been earmarked to return to our screens as a zombie in the new Thriller music video which will be a modern remake of the 1984 hit.

This time around Michael Jackson, otherwise known as ‘Wacko Jacko’, is to be featured in the 2009 remake of Thriller as a zombie throughout the whole video.

John Landis of ‘American Werewolf in London’ fame is also set to return to the directors chair even though he is currently suing Jackson for millions of dollars worth of unpaid royalties.

“I’m suing Michael at the moment for loss of earnings, but we still speak to each other on the set. The other day I slapped Michael on the back and part of his nose fell off and onto the floor. We like to joke and have fun. The son-of-a-bitch owes me millions and he better pay me my moth*rf*ckin’ money or I will tear him a new

Back From the Grave

For the role, Jackson will not be required to have any special zombie makeup but will just turn up on set as is. The rest of the zombie cast all have to spend six hours each day putting on makeup and special prosthetics. Jackson has been spared this time consuming task and is glad to be in the enviable position of just turning up, shooting scenes, then retiring to his trailer to play with the children.

“We’re all so jealous of Mikey, I mean the guy just turns up and he fits right in with the scene. The original Thriller music video had Jackson as a zombie for only a small part of it. This time he is going to be a full time zombie because he is just so realistic. The other day, John Landis, our director wanted pieces of flesh to fall off some of the zombies faces. It was a nightmare scene for the special effects guys and we spent half the day trying to sort the scene out. So, John sends for Michael in his trailer. He turned up and filmed the scene. Boom! Done! There were parts falling off Michael’s face like we never seen before. Frankly the guy’s a genius,” assistant director, Billy Ray Duke, told Screen Magazine.

Jackson fans all over the world have been awaiting the new Thriller remake with feverish anticipation.