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Has Beyoncé Gone Too Far?

LOS ANGELES - CA - A new L'Oreo advert featuring Beyoncé has caused outrage after it appeared to show the sexy African-American superstar looking white. The black singer looked far paler than normal in her latest ad campaign for beauty firm.

Tabloid trashmag website TMZ first sparked the debate when it said the images were a “slap to whites”.

“L’Oreo forced Beyonce to endure hours of sulphuric acid treatment at a secret location in Paris. This revolutionary treatment involves dipping the whole body in a large vat of acid so that the first layer of black skin comes off,” a TMZ reporter was quoted as saying.

“L’Oreo cookie”

Meanwhile, the New York Post accused L’Oreo of making the singer appear like a “white person.”

“She’s black on the inside and now white on the outside. It’s like a reverse Oreo cookie,” a reporter for the paper bleated.

The Crazy in Love Antares Autotune star has even had her eyeballs replaced with blue eyes as showcased in the September Elle magazine ad for skin lightening products.

Beyoncé, 27, has a £2.3 million, five-year contract with the beauty giant for which she only has to work 10 days a year.

L’Oreo said it informed Beyoncé of certain conditions before she signed the contract in December.

“We highly value our relationship with Ms Knowles. This treatment for Beyonce is testament to L’Oreo’s outstanding excellence in changing appearances.”

A spokesman for the singer refused to comment.

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